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Team GHC 2013

L-R First Row: Dawn; Sammie; Erica; Dylan; Donny. Second Row: Adria; Rich; Jake; Jessica. Back Row: James; Guest Investigator, Shane; Todd.

The team welcomes the new faces of Ghost Hunters of Colorado!

Mentored by our 'old shoes' Rich and James, in the back row we have Jake, Erica and Sammie! They have been with the team in the capacity of Investigators-in-training and have proven to be valuable assets to the team. Sammie joined us at the end of 2011, brought in by brother-in-law James, she is excited to proved  a level head and open mind to the team. She has a bachelor's degree from CSU in social work. Jake & Erica have been curious about the paranormal field for a while and joined the team in early 2012. Jake being a very skeptical, steming from his CSU degree in chemistry, Jake is naturally a scientist at heart. He pushes our boundaries and ways of thinking about possible paranormal events. His wife, Erica brings to us a light-hearted energy that fits in well with the team. She is a kindergarten teacher and forward thinker and provides to us renewed ways of thinking and communicating with entities in the beyond. The team welcomes you all to the team and hope that you can stay for many years to come.

The team is ready for their updated head shots in our new team uniforms!

We had such great experience with Imprints Fort Collins that we just can't resist giving them kudos on our website! We initially emailed about 5 or 6 printers in the region with our request for a quote for the design and printing of our new team shirts. Imprints Fort Collins was the only one that responded to our request. They promptly gave us a quote for the art work and design. Offered us a spectacular deal and didn't quit until we were happy with the art work.

Mark went above and beyond in the customer service department and we couldn't be happier! This is what great customer service is all about! We don't see much of it any more in this day and age. He was patient, kind, non-judgmental and really listened to what our needs were and was persistent in achieving the design that we had envisioned for our team.

Cody did such a spectacular job with the design! I cannot believe the skills of the graphic artists that they have at their disposal!

We are eternally grateful for their service, kindness, and performance at Imprints Fort Collins and will highly recommend them to everyone we meet!

Damn, we look sexy! If you would like to purchase a Ghost Hunters of Colorado shirt, you may email us to place your order!

Photo taken by Mark at Imprints Fort Collins of Donny Crawford, Founder

Investigation at a private residence in Evans, Colorado, October 2010

We are currently in the review process for this investigation and will have some evidence to share shortly. It was an interesting investigation and we expect to be able to help the family find some answers. 

Pictured here are Stan Miner and Todd Baker.

       Photo taken by Donny Crawford

Investigation at the Wichita Football Crash Site, August 2010

Photo taken on a recent trip to the Wichita Football Team plane crash site. Below are some links to some great information about the crash, the survivors and the team.

Pictured here L-R: Todd "Bear Snack" Baker, Dawn Crawford, Donny Crawford, and James Roberts
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Above photo taken by James Roberts    

The Team                                    

Ghost Hunters of Colorado is a compilation of the goals of many dedicated ghost hunters, including the team founders, Donny and Dawn Crawford who started their first ghost hunting team in 1995 in Long Beach California. Aboard the Queen Mary their team was able to hone their skills and develop a protocol for serious ghost research. Their adventures in Ghost Hunting have been published in the Los Angeles Times and in Frances Kermeen’s book “Ghostly Encounters, True Stories of America’s Haunted Inns and Hotels.” Later in 2005, the team moved on to Big Bear, California and changed their name to PSI: Big Bear where the team was able to work with spirits from the Gold Rush and small pioneer towns. Shortly afterward the team moved east to Northern Colorado and joined forces with The Network of Colorado Paranormal Studies (TNCPS) in 2009 where they served the team as the North Area Coordinators.

       Above photo taken by Dawn Crawford                                                                          Read more about us here.